E&S has developed tried-and-tested solutions for digital domes that are looking for reliability, ease of use, extensive content, and wide choice of projection systems.

Digistar Lite

The ultimate in portable and small fixed planetariums, includes the core features of Digistar software, with optional features like Digistar Cloud Library, Domecasting, Show Builder, and others available for purchase at any time. Breaking out system features as optional software upgrades has allowed us introduce the core Digistar Lite systems at a very competitive price. With advanced features, not previously available in portable planetarium systems, Digistar Lite will revolutionize the way you present fulldome astronomy in your mobile dome.


Digistar Lite software is based on Digistar 6: a sixth-generation digital planetarium system. Its graphical user interface was designed for ease of use, making it accessible for users of all levels.

  • Digistar Lite connects you to a network of over 325 Digistar theaters and a community that shares content freely
  • In a way never before possible, we have brought Digistar’s powerful features into a portable planetarium that is easy to learn and use
  • Digistar Lite is designed with budget in mind and can be specified with a video projector and high-quality fisheye lens that best meet your needs
  • Both entry-level and professional-grade projectors available
  • At any time, you can upgrade your software with powerful system options to add additional capabilities.
  • All controls are through included iPad
  • With Digistar Lite, the dome becomes much more than just a planetarium, but a multimedia and multi-disciplinary science visualization tool.
  • The system has the power for presenter-led spaceflight or one-button show playback. Whether you are presenting astronomy and science education, giant screen film transfers, fulldome shows, or producing your own content, the user interface is simple to use and puts you in complete control of your theater.
  • Digistar Lite was built with an open architecture allowing for scientific data, including sciences beyond astronomy, to be easily imported into the system.
  • Images, models, and video from any source can literally be dragged and dropped into Digistar’s Dome View Window and immediately be visible on the dome.
  • Digistar Lite includes several fulldome shows ready to play!