Corporate Governance

E&S recognizes the importance and value of sound corporate governance practices and high ethical standards. We believe our business model, culture of integrity and legal compliance, governance practices, and management control systems are important elements of our corporation and our long-term performance.

We are committed to candor, honesty, and integrity in our internal operations and our reporting. We have summarized our standards of conduct in our Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, included on this web site and available to every employee. Employees, officers and directors are expected to adhere to this Code and to apply its provisions in all aspects of their work.

For years, E&S has followed many sound governance practices. We have long had a majority of independent directors; an audit committee made up entirely of independent directors; portions of all board and audit committee meetings attended solely by independent directors; and regular rotation of audit personnel.

We have charters for audit and compensation committees, and established these committees with members drawn only from independent directors.

Listed below are links to several of the key charters and codes by which we manage our business.

Board of Directors Committee Charters

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